Tutti Mangia Italian Grill, has been operating in Los Angeles County for 24 years and we have followed every rule and regulation diligently since we opened our doors in Claremont in 1996. This year has been the toughest to date and forced the entire restaurant industry to lay off staff, adapt, pivot, rehire, and repeat.


As restaurants continue to leap hurdle after hurdle, many have closed their doors permanently. Those who were lucky enough to make it this far and have adjusted to coupling outdoor dining and takeout to keep the lights on, are now facing an outdoor dining ban, which will inevitably force more establishments to permanently close and leave thousands of resilient members in the restaurant community behind. 


The outdoor dining ban has no factual evidence linking outdoor dining to the spread of COVID, and the City of Los Angeles has strongly voiced their opposition through public hearings and social media. Many city officials have refused to enforce this ban on their communities while acknowledging that they are taking a factual approach.


Disallowing a safe and social distant outdoor environment will force our community to gather elsewhere, likely indoors, without the proper safety protocols in place. It will also leave thousands of diligent, hardworking restaurant staff jobless. When we lose these small businesses that provide such a wide variety of culinary cuisine, we will simultaneously lose our culture that is so incredibly unique to the Los Angeles area, especially our San Gabriel Valley. 

We have made the decision to retain outdoor dining, which is supported by the following: 

  • We are keeping our employees on payroll through the holiday season. We will not layoff our staff or cut employee benefits.

  • We are confident that the service we are providing is safe. We have followed every single safety protocol since March including the wearing of masks, keeping 6 feet of distance or using Plexiglass walls to separate tables, sanitizing of tables, chairs, menus and shared condiment holders after every single use. 

  • We will not allow the restaurant sector to be singled out as the main contributor to COVID spread with zero factual evidence while there are many other businesses still open that are seemingly non-essential. 

  • We are standing up for every restaurant in Los Angeles County who are struggling to make rent, throwing away food and watching their past due invoices continue to pile up.

  • Losing these outdoor and socially distant environments, accompanied with trained staff who work hard to keep these environments safe for all guests every day, will be detrimental to the community and promote more unsafe gatherings.

  • The overwhelming majority of our beloved city has spoken loudly and agrees that banning outdoor dining is NONFACTUAL and UNETHICAL.


We will continue to practice every safety precaution and encourage everyone to do the same. Our heart goes out to every business, every job lost, and all those who have been deeply affected by COVID with the hopes that we can all emerge stronger than before. 

Ed Inglese & Jim Hermanson



  • Full sanitation by professional crew from SOS Sanitizing Co. before re-opening 

  • Frequent disinfection of work areas

  • All team members will be wearing gloves and masks

  • Daily team member wellness checks upon arrival

  • Reservations are highly recommended for all parties

  • Modified seating for 50% capacity

  • Maximum party size 6 guests

  • All guests will be required to wear masks upon entry to the restaurant and must
    be worn at all times unless you are at your table


  • All members of a party must be present in order to enter the restaurant

  • QR codes to view our menu on your personal device
    (printed menus still available and wiped between each use)


102 Harvard Ave.

Claremont, CA 91711


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